SunRoof, a Swedish start-up developing solar roofs and smart energy management solutions, has partnered with Porsche Inter Auto. Both companies seek to promote the sustainable development and innovative solutions in which they are involved. One of the results of these jo...

1 February 2021

The winners were announced for the prestigious international architectural competition ‘House of the Future. Best SunRoof Project 2020. Designing the House of the Future with a SunRoof solar roof using BIMobject’. The jury awarded the Polish architects of the Wooden Eco-...

22 December 2020

SunRoof, a Swedish startup that creates a beautiful, 2-in-1 smart roof and innovative façade that produce “green” power from the Sun, opens a branch in Germany:

26 November 2020

Die stilvollen 2-in-1-Dächer und -Fassaden mit integrierter Sonnenstromgewinnung des schwedischen Unternehmens SunRoof sind ab sofort auch in Deutschland verfügbar.

25 November 2020

Until 30 November 2020, professionals and students of architecture from all over the world can submit their works in a competition for the best project of a visionary house that uses renewable energy source (RES) technology. The winners will be selected by an eminent int...

13 November 2020

SunRoof, an international start-up developing wholly 2-in-1 solar roofs and solutions to support smart energy management, teamed up with Mokena Makeka, a world renowned architect and founder of Makeka Design Lab, an award-winning, internationally recognized architecture ...

12 November 2020

SunRoof, a Swedish-Polish start-up developing fully solar 2-in-1 roofs and facades as well as solutions to support smart energy management, raised €2 million in a late seed round for product development and global expansion.

12 October 2020

SunRoof, an international start-up developing solar roofs and smart energy management solutions, has teamed up with BIMobject, the owner of the largest parametric objects platform, to hold a prestigious, international competition: "House of the Future. Best SunRoof Proje...

8 October 2020

A two-in-one solar roof is synonymous with good design and sustainable architecture. It looks impressive, supplies the house with free energy from the sun and at the same time has all the features that ensure its protection and insulation. Moreover it can form the whole ...

29 September 2020

A solar roof that is not the dark blue of solar cells – this is SunRoof's take on ecological and beautiful architecture. This Polish-Swedish start-up demonstrates that it is possible to have both a solar roof and unique design, without having to compromise by installing ...

31 August 2020