SunRoof has won the Economic Award of the President of the Republic of Poland in the STARTUP_PL category. During the awarding ceremony in Rzeszów, the prestigious award for the development of innovative green energy technology was handed over by President Andrzej Duda to...

5 November 2021

SunRoof has found a way to recycle photovoltaics. In partnership with Ergonome, SunRoof will make desks from solar panels. Their first original model of a designer desk will be presented at the Warsaw Home Interior Fair in PTAK WARSAW EXPO, which will be held on 27-30.10...

26 October 2021

Global brands that are leading in sustainability have joined forces to launch one of the most exciting projects in Europe. inspires the choice of a new, more eco-friendly lifestyle, one which underlines comfort and the emotions. The companies involved ...

2 August 2021

SunRoof, an innovative start-up developing a groundbreaking technology based on green energy, announced its partnership with CAKE, a Swedish manufacturer of lightweight off-road performance electric motorcycles. This recent collaboration will strengthen the position of S...

24 June 2021

SunRoof, an innovative start-up that creates the most effective 2-in-1 solar roofs and an energy management platform, has announced a partnership with Rosebrock, a leading international logistics group. This will ensure the continuity of supplies and speed up the further...

28 May 2021

SunRoof Sweden, the innovative startup and Tesla competitor within modern solar energy, has partnered up with LEVA Husfabrik. This enables customers of the house manufacturer to choose SunRoof’s climate-smart roof solutions and build environmentally friendly houses with ...

25 May 2021

SunRoof, a startup creating the most efficient 2-in-1 solar roofs and innovative energy management supporting solutions, has partnered with Grenton, the leading Polish producer of a smart home system.

10 May 2021

Using its innovative solar roof technology, with market-leading energy data logging software, SunRoof is building the largest, smartest network of connected, solar homes in the world

29 April 2021

SunRoof, an innovative startup creating 2-in-1 solar roofs and solutions to support smart energy management, has entered into partnership with Veolia Energia Łódź and Veolia Energia Warsaw.

21 April 2021

On 1 January, Petteri Olsen took over the position of CEO for SunRoof Nordics. During the first term he focused on building a team able to realise the high ambitions of the company. The aim is for SunRoof’s solar roofs to become an obvious part of newly-built Swedish vil...

30 March 2021